How to Set Homepage for Smart Phones & Tabs

How to change Homepage in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Browser

 Internet Explorer Users Just click Set Home page

 or go by manual procedure given below.


 lets understand What Homepage is.

Homepage is referred to the first page you see when you open your Browser. Also know as default page or startup page. Each Browser comes with their own default homepage mostly people use blank homepage or but there are some website which are more useful, user friendly, fast loading and almost all major things which you are going to do once you open your browser, example: go to website or Search something on the web. so like site Provides you menu card in front of you once you open your browser. So just click on website you want to visit or search on Google its all their in front of you. No need to type web addresses into your address bar. Yes but if you want to go to website which is not listed on menu card then you have to type into address bar even if you are using blank startup page you have to do for all the websites you want to visit. For all the Browsers


Types of Browser

Their are various types of Browsers example: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc. each one comes with their own default Homepage. Which 99% of people find it useless.


How to change Homepage in

Internet Explorer

Mozilla firefox

Google Chrome

Safari Browser

Opera Browser

Go Down


For each Browser there is a Procedure to change Homepage. below is the Procedure to change Homepage according to the Browser.

How to change Homepage in Internet Explorer

1. Go to the Web page you want to make your home page.

2. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.

3. In the Internet Options box, on the General tab, click the Use Current button.

4. click OK


type into address bar and click Apply then OK

How to change Homepage in Mozilla firefox

1. Open up Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on TOOLS on the menu bar, then click on OPTIONS.

3. After clicking options you will see the Firefox Options dialogue box.


and click the OK button.

How to change Homepage in Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome Browser.

2. Click on the Chrome "wrench" icon, located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.

 When the drop-down menu appears, select the choice labeled Options.

3. Then Click the Basics tab.

4. In the "Home page" section, click "Open this page. and type

n Click Close.

How to change Homepage in Safari Browser

Click on Edit then choose Preferences


then it will ask you to confirm, click on Change Home page and its done.

How to change Homepage in Opera Browser

1. click on the 'Preferences' Select the 'General' tab

2. Choose to type in the home page address you want, then check 'Use address entered here' and type click OK


Preferences - Genral Tab and click on 'Set current page as home page' n Click 'Ok'

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